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Stacey Michaud

Scrapping the Music

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once wrote, “Music is the universal language of mankind.”  It is a statement meant to convey the impact that music has on so many.  In fact, music is found in every known culture and is one of the oldest of all the arts, having been in existence for at least 50,000 years.  Modern research has discovered that music can be therapeutic in nature, as it has a direct effect on people’s moods.  Music with a strong beat can promote increased attention and concentration, while slower tempos produce a state of relaxation.  When the right lyrics are paired with the right rhythm, magic happens.  The saying “music stirs the soul” sums it up perfectly.  Realizing how powerful music can be, one clever scrapbook artist decided to start a challenge blog that focuses on how song lyrics and music can move you!  The blog, Scrapping the Music, serves as a source of inspiration to many, including me.

Like most scrapbookers, I am passionate about this craft mostly because I love the process of creating.  I am constantly searching for interesting challenges and new ways to approach my art.  Well, I don’t have to look any further because Scrapping the Music fits my needs.  One of my favorite things about the site is that the song of the week begins playing as soon as you arrive.  The design team picks amazing songs, some well-known and others less familiar.  All of them are quite moving.  Like all visitors, I find myself listening to the lyrics and sounds.  Inevitably, I am steered in one direction or another.  Images pop into my head or emotions are brought up.  Such a reaction is the overall goal of the challenges and the philosophy of the blog creator.  

Each week, a new song is chosen.  Think rock and roll, folk music, pop, and country.  The design team shows a plethora of examples and the challenge to be inspired is issued.  The song for the first week of March is Say What You Need to Say by John Mayer.  Check out how the design team took that tune and ran with it!


What being a part of this team means to you:  Being a part of Scrapping the Music has completely rejuvenated me as a scrapper!  It is my first gig as a digital scrapper and the first one in which I have true artistic freedom.  I have always loved a good journaling-driven page, and having your inspiration come from lyrics is the perfect fit for me.  I just love it!

Say by Donna Whalen.  Digital Supplies:  Paper, Cardboard, Banner, Epoxy Circle, Clock, Brush Strokes from Mixed Media by Lynne Marie Favreau, Ribbon Clusters by Robin Marie Designs, "Say" Stamp Aged Alpha by Kate Pertiet, Stitches from Essential Stiches by Syrin, "Love" String, Stars from Warm Love by Camila Designs,  Staples from Old School by Creashen's Designs, Font:  Note This.

Journaling:  I'm so glad when your time came that I was there to say what I needed to say and let you know how much having you in my life meant to me.  I love you. 



Journaling: Say what you need to say…through my art…I love you.  I don’t care what you think. Yes I can. I feel tired. It makes me sick. You are lying. I am who I am. I am so disappointed. No more violence. No I don’t want.

Say What You Need to Say by Alex Michiardi.  Supplies: Spray Inks, Mask, Glitter:  Ranger, Chipboard:  Pink Paislee, Journaling Tag Stamp:  Making Memories, Ink: Ranger, Other:  cardstock, stitching.

What being a part of this team means to you:  Being a part of this team means a lot to me since it is the very first time I’m a part of a design team. I felt very honored when I was invited to join the talented ladies working for STM. Music has always been an important part of my life and I love to scrap from lyrics. They often say much more than my own words. Music is powerful! I do believe in the therapeutic effect of scrapbooking and I usually scrap, not so much to document my life, but to express myself.  In that sense, being part of STM team has been a great opportunity for me. I discover new songs, I make amazing friends and I have the opportunity to create pages from my heart and soul through the power of music! I am very grateful for this adventure.


What being a part of this team means to you: I LOVE creating alongside these super talented women!  Our common thread is creating with music - and the result is a recipe for enthusiasm and inspiration within the design team ultimately passing through to the fabulous scrapbookers who play along with us!!   And a little fess up for me..I have trouble journaling!  I've always been a little bit 'journal-less'.  However, working with music titles and lyrics helps tremendously.  It guides me to 'say what I need to say...'

Say What You Need To Say by Mandy Dodd.  Supplies:  Paper:  Daisy D's, Crystals:  Prima Marketing, Transparency:   Hambly Screen Prints, Bling:  Kaiser Craft, Alphabets:  K & Company, Lil Davis, Claudia Elyse Metal Edged Embellishments, Bella Chips, Scherenschnitte.

Journaling: Do it with a heart wide open.


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